Chairman Arutchelvar Dr. N. Mahalingam

M/s. N. Mahalingam & Company is a partnership firm, was established by our Chairman Arutchelvar Dr. N. Mahalingam in the year of 1954 by operating Petrol Pumps at Coimbatore, Pollachi and Udumalpet to provide a thrust for promotion of Service Sector.

Managing Partner Mr.A.Shanmugasundaram

Mr.A.Shanmugasundaram took the responsibility as “Managing Partner” in the year 1974 and the infrastructure of the company was strengthened year after year and consequently the business had witnessed continuous growth. Now the company’s responsibilities are being shared by his sons Mr.S.Chandrasekhar and Mr.S.Senthil Saravanan as a working partners.

The Company embarked on its dealership business with the following principles.

FORCE Motors Ltd–

In 1969. the company started in taking the dealership of Bajaj Tempo Ltd, Pune for selling their vehicles of SCV’s, MUV’s, LCV’s and Tractors. Later, the company Bajaj Tempo has been known as “FORCE Motors Ltd” in the year 2005.


The company has also started the FORCE ONE dealership for sales and service from the month of Sep’11 at Coimbatore. This is also one of the milestone of our company’s growth.

FORCE Motors –
Depot Operations

The company started the grand vehicle Depot Yard for Tamil Nadu state dealers of M/s.Bajaj Tempo Ltd, at 1999 and latterly which was known as “FORCE Motors Ltd.,” in the 2005.

MAN TRUCKS –Dealership

MAN Trucks Pvt Ltd., given the First Dealership in India to our M/s. N.Mahalingam & Company, Coimbatore around the year 2006.

Petrol Pump Division

In 1954, the company started a division of Petrol Pump of Burma Shell (later on taken over by Bharath Petroleum) in Coimbatore. After that the company has started outlet at Pollachi and Udumalpet besides selling of Oil & other lubricants.

ABT Petrol Bunk – Ukkadam

The petrol bunk was opened on 10.09.1981at Palghat Road, Ukkadam by M/s.ABT Ltd., has been entrusted to be managed by M/s.N.Mahalingam & Co. It has become a prestigious outlet in Coimbatore.

Indane Distributors

L.P.G distribution dealership was taken up in the year 1965 from M/s. Burshane Ltd. And during the nationalisation of petroleum companies M/s. Burshane was undertaken by M/s.Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., which is supplying in the brand name of “Indane”.

Wind Energy

The Windmill project was taken up in 1995 to augment generation of electricity from the wind sources at Kanyakumari and Tirupur district.

Consumer Products

The consumer products division was started at 1971 in Dr.Nanjappa Road, Coimbatore. It was initially started with the exclusive dealership of Philips India Ltd. After that the company has been expanded to multi brand dealership of major brands.

Achievements and Awards

Some of the stars in the Company’s crown….

  • “Best Distributors” nominated by M/s.Indian Oil Corporation around 1995-96 held at Coimbatore
  • “Best Distributors” nominated by M/s.Indian Oil Corporation around 1996-97 held at Coimbatore
  • “Best Distributors” nominated by M/s.Indian Oil Corporation around 1997-98 held at Coimbatore
  • “Best Dealership” award by M/s. Kinetic Engineering Ltd., at 1998
  • “Best Dealer” for M/s. Bajaj Temp Ltd., (now Force Motors) around 2000-2001
  • “Best Seller” award nominated by M/s.L.G. Electronics held at Korea
  • “Best Performer” award nominated by M/s.Titan Watches Ltd., held at Singapore
  • “Great Achiever” award nominated by M/s. Philip India Ltd., held at Thailand
  • “Majestic Shoppers” nominated by M/s.National Panasonic India Ltd., held at Malaysia
  • “Bounty 2000” nominated by M/s.Siemens Home Appliances held at Germany

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